Reuse that dryer lint!

Maybe you recycle your plastic milk jugs. Maybe you turn them into bird feeders. A lot of the used odds and ends in our homes can be reused rather than tossed out—including that fuzzy gray stuff that comes out of your clothes dryer. Y... Continue Reading "Reuse that dryer lint!"

Getting kids to help with laundry

Yes, your kids can help with laundry! Whether it’s to give you a break or to teach them responsibility, or the sweet spot of both, you know you want your kids to help with the laundry. But how young is too young? Turns out there’s no ... Continue Reading "Getting kids to help with laundry"

Why you should avoid overloading your washing machine

Why do people overload washing machines? Most people have overloaded their washing machines at some point in time, maybe due to having a lot of clothing to wash but not a lot of time in their schedules to do it. However, it is importan... Continue Reading "Why you should avoid overloading your washing machine"

What type of clothes should you hang to dry?

Not every type of clothing responds well to machine drying. Items made of certain textiles or constructed in a particular way may do better if you hang them to dry– either indoors or (with extra care to avoid direct sun) outdoors. Alwa... Continue Reading "What type of clothes should you hang to dry?"

What you do and don’t need for a new baby

So, you have a baby on the way! Congratulations! Along with dreaming of names and managing overexcited relatives, you’re already thinking about what you need to fit your new family member into your home. We can speak from experience—an... Continue Reading "What you do and don’t need for a new baby"


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