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Looking to rent appliances? You’re not alone. Over the years thousands of individuals have found Appliance Warehouse of America to be their source to rent appliances and handle their in-home laundry needs.

When you consider the benefits of a full service appliance rental, it is clear why you would rent a washer and dryer as an affordable and effective alternative to owning a set of your own. Whether you’re looking to rent a washer, rent a clothes dryer, or rent a washer and dryer, you’re sure to find it here, at Appliance Warehouse. With a simple click above you can rent the appliance your looking for today!

If you are an apartment community looking to rent appliances call us today at 800-693-4343 for a program customized to meet your needs. If you are an individual looking to rent appliances, please call or click above to order your washer and dryer today.

Appliance Warehouse of America is convenience delivered!