What you need to know about the quick-wash cycle

Many washing machines offer a quick-wash cycle – a feature that spins the clothing faster, which extracts more water from them and enables them to dry more quickly. While it may be tempting to use the quick-wash cycle every time you need to clean a load of laundry, it should really only be used for freshening up garments. An example would be items such as a blouse and pants that are only lightly soiled and that you want to wear last-minute. 

To ensure your clothing is getting cleaned correctly, remember this advice when using the quick-wash feature on your washing machine:  

To clean your clothing in such a short amount of time, the wash and spin time is decreased. This means that you should only fill the washer halfway and reduce the amount of detergent you typically use to avoid having overly soapy clothing. 

The quick-wash shouldn’t be used to clean the following: 
Clothing that is extremely dirty or needs to have stains removed 
Work clothing, baby clothing (especially cloth diapers), and heavily soiled garments, particularly when needing to kill germs or viruses
Clothing that is worn by people who have allergies or other sensitivities 
Delicate items 

The biggest advantages to using the quick-wash feature are that it saves time, energy, and money. However, it’s important to remember that this cycle was designed only to be effective when washing lightly soiled, small amounts of clothing – not a load that’s accumulated over the past week. So, if you have an outfit you want to wear on a date, go ahead and use the quick wash, but for items like towels and linens, it’s best you use a different option. 

Being able to wash your clothes quickly seems like a great idea, especially for a busy household, but unfortunately, misusing the quick-wash feature can cause you to end up with clothes that aren’t properly cleaned. If you need a washer that can keep up with your laundry needs, contact Appliance Warehouse today! 

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