Optimize your laundry routine

In large families, the laundry room looks more like a warzone, with dirty clothes strewn all over the place. It is the one room that you hope your guests don’t accidentally stumble into. And if you have kids, you know what it’s like to... Continue Reading "Optimize your laundry routine"

How to get grease stains out of clothes

Though few of us like to admit it, we eat a fair share of greasy foods. And almost everyone has had an accident while eating, dropping little bits of food on their shirt or their pants. Whether you’ve got some grease from a delicious, ... Continue Reading "How to get grease stains out of clothes"

How to have clean smelling laundry every time

Washing machines are such helpful inventions, but perhaps we expect too much of them from time to time. After all, don’t many of us just toss our smelly, dirty clothes in them with a healthy pour of detergent, expecting them to come ou... Continue Reading "How to have clean smelling laundry every time"

Are your clean clothes irritating your skin?

To prevent skin irritations from occurring, those with sensitive skin not only have to use the right detergent but should also be aware of how they launder their clothing. The dyes and fragrances that are in certain laundry soaps can t... Continue Reading "Are your clean clothes irritating your skin?"

Reduce static cling naturally

Having your clothes stick together—or, worse, stick to you—can be annoying (and pretty embarrassing, let’s be honest). So, to reduce static electricity, many people add a dryer sheet to the drum of their dryer before tossing in their c... Continue Reading "Reduce static cling naturally"

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