Treat stains naturally

Whether it be for health reasons or to save money, many households have decided to limit the use of harsh chemicals for laundering and are opting for more natural choices instead. If you’re looking for ways to “green” your laundry rout... Continue Reading "Treat stains naturally"

How to properly use bleach on garments

You can, at most times, significantly improve the appearance of white and mostly white garments by using chlorine bleach or activated oxygen bleach. Articles of clothing made from bleachable fibers that are white and colorfast can bene... Continue Reading "How to properly use bleach on garments"

How to keep colors from bleeding

Although the color of the clothing may never seem to change, some dyes bleed slightly each time you wash them. As a warning, manufacturers are required to list instructions on care labels, which tell you to wash items that are likely t... Continue Reading "How to keep colors from bleeding"

How to care for winter wool clothing

Wool fibers can withstand being bent 20,000 times before breaking, making the fabric durable and flexible. Although wool is a strong fiber, it still requires adequate care to retain its shape and appearance. Check out the following way... Continue Reading "How to care for winter wool clothing"

Will color-catching sheets keep me from having to sort my laundry?

With several color-catching sheets on the market promising to prevent dye transfers when washing your laundry, does this mean we can stop sorting laundry beforehand? Having to sort clothing along with checking the label of each it... Continue Reading "Will color-catching sheets keep me from having to sort my laundry?"

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