The benefits of small washer/dryer combos

Sometimes, less really is more. Although most people would prefer larger washing machines just for the sheer load size alone, smaller washers should not be considered inferior. A lot of times, it depends on the situation. Maybe you have never considered getting a small washer or a stacked combo washer and dryer, or maybe you just don’t know much about them. But, before dismissing them as inferior to large washers, here are some good reasons to consider a smaller washer and dryer. 

Save space
Most obviously, smaller washers take up less space. Full-size washers are about the same depth as smaller ones, but are half a foot wider. This may not seem like much, but add a full-size dryer next to the large washer, and that’s a lot of space! Even homes with larger laundry rooms can benefit from the saved space: we are talking about nearly 5 feet for full-size washers and dryers vs. just over 2 feet for combos. 

Save time
Smaller loads mean shorter wash times, and better cleaned clothes. Even though your load limit is more restricted, paradoxically it will actually save you time. Pop in a load every day or two, and laundry will seem like a breeze. It will keep you on top of things, so that you won’t have those multiple-hour days solely devoted to cleaning your clothes. 

Save money
Use less water and power per load with smaller washers. Even though you will have to run more loads, the loads are shorter and more efficient in cleaning the clothes. This can benefit smaller households of 1-2 people greatly, since you don’t need a huge drum size anyway. 

Save even more money by leasing
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