Winter laundry tips and tricks

In addition to having bulkier, heavier clothes to wash during winter, you've got other cold-weather-related problems making it difficult to wash and dry winter clothing. These winter laundry tips and tricks can help make it easier for you when it comes to tackling piles of sweaters, socks, jeans, and jackets:

  • Treat salt, mud, and slush stains immediately with an enzyme-powered stain remover. Leaving salt stains on clothing could leave discolorations or "bleached" spots after washing without pre-treatment.
  • Reduce sweater washings by wearing a t-shirt or light camisole under sweaters. You'll stay warmer and need to wash sweaters less frequently.
  • Bulky sweaters are notorious for losing their shape after washing them. Keep the perfect sweater shape by tracing the outline of the sweater on paper before washing, rolling the sweater in a fluffy towel after washing to absorb water, laying the sweater on the outline and gently pulling the sweater to match the outline. Allow the sweater to then dry flat.
  • Wash fleece jackets, long underwear, and other performance clothing in laundry detergent, but don't use fabric softener on them. Softener prevents some winter fabrics from efficiently wicking moisture.
  • Snow boots start smelling after awhile from constantly being wet. Eliminate snow boot stink by soaking boot inserts in laundry detergent and 1/2 cup of white vinegar in a small bucket of cold water. Rinse the inserts thoroughly and let them hang-dry. Sprinkle baking soda inside snow boots for extra freshness.
  • Air-dried winter clothes tend to get "crunchy" and uncomfortable to wear. Soften air-dried clothes by adding 1/2 cup of vinegar to rinse cycles and shaking out clothes before hanging them up to dry. If clothes are still slightly stiff, just throw them in the dryer for about five minutes along with a dampened washcloth.
  • Save wear and tear on jeans by washing them inside out. When you wash blue jeans together, they scrape against each other continuously during the cycle. This causes premature color loss and may lead to jeans being pulled out of shape. Also, don't forget to fasten flies and zip up zippers to reduce snagging.

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