Be emergency-ready on the road

No matter how fast your car goes from zero to 60, nothing can take you back to zero faster than a car problem. There you are, thinking about work that day or what you’re going to watch on TV after dinner, when suddenly a flat tire, medical issue, severe traffic, or a fender-bender is going to change your life, at least for a while.

Family preparing for car tripWhether you literally have a problem with your car or something else happens while you’re on the road, keeping your car stocked with these necessities can help your peace of mind and get you back on the road more quickly when something happens.

Make charging your phone easy

Duh, right? It goes without saying that cellular tech has changed how we approach emergencies, and most of us wouldn’t think of getting in a car without our phones. (I’m breaking into a sweat just thinking about it!)

But in addition to the phone, keep a dedicated spare charger and cable so that you don’t have to carry them into the vehicle with you every time. This is also a good policy for rental cars or long road trips in your friend’s car—anywhere you might get stuck and realize that 20-percent charge on your phone isn’t going to cut it.

Stock blankets and extra clothes

An extra set of clean clothes is a must anywhere for the parents of small children, but, as an adult, you won’t regret having at least a sweater or sweatshirt in the trunk. If you live in a place with severe cold, extra warm clothes are a must for everyone. Take out the clothes a few times a year, thrown them in the washer and dryer to freshen them up, and evaluate if it’s time to change to different pieces.

Use an old blanket (or pick one up in the thrift store) to add to your supplies. For the seasonable months, that “emergency” blanket in the back turns into a readymade picnic spot.

Prep your spare tire or alternative

Double-check yours to make sure it’s properly inflated. Spares often have different air-pressure requirements than the full-size tires on your car, so check the label to see what your tire needs. Modern air-vend machines check the tire’s pressure and let you program in the pressure you need, removing the guesswork.

Of course, these days, fewer and fewer car companies are including a spare tire in new models. Removing the spare reduces the car’s weight and helps the automaker meet fuel-economy requirements. If you don’t have a spare—or aren’t sure how to change it—that fully-charged phone becomes even more important.

Keep your first-aid kit cool

Keeping a first-aid kit in a car can be tricky, especially during the hot months. Don’t count on the elaborate kit with medications and ointments to still be useful after cooking in 115-degree heat. However, a small kit with the basics—bandages, antiseptic wipes, etc.—can cost a few dollars ready-made and be swapped out or refilled yearly. Keep your medications and other temperature-sensitive items in a bag that can be easily taken in and out of the home, or consider a larger first-aid kit for longer road trips.

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