Ready for spring? Tips for storing and hanging your clothes

Spring is coming—believe it or not—and with it comes the urge to open the windows, swipe off the dust, and tidy up. Whether you’re a 24/7 Marie Kondo fan, getting your place in order for the first time, or ready for spring cleaning, it’s a great time to take a look at how you’re storing your clothes.

Store your sweaters the right way

We’ve all done it—taken a sweater off a hanger, pulled it on, and discovered those pointy angles sticking out over our shoulders. And yet many of us keep hanging sweaters the regular way on hangers anyway, because it’s easier or because we have limited options or space for storing clothes. But when your sweaters are about to be put away for the summer, a long stay on a skinny wire hanger can permanently misshape your clothing.

Ideally, sweaters should be folded when they’re stored—especially for the warmer months. But sweaters’ added bulk can mean that just a few can take up too much space in your dresser drawers—the reason why many of us use hangers despite the dreaded pointy shoulders. Look into under-bed bins or repurpose a high closet shelf.

Another option for limited space? Folding the sweaters and hanging them over the bar in pants hangers will do the trick.

Reduce wrinkles in your t-shirts

T-shirts are almost pristine when they come out of your clothes dryer. Then, crammed into a drawer, they collect wrinkles. With spring on the way, having your t-shirts ready-to-wear and be seen becomes more important.

Consider this great solution for anyone who has more t-shirts than days of the week. Choose a dedicated dresser drawer, and, instead of stacking your folded shirts, fold them in half one more time and stack them on end, like folders in a filing cabinet. This Marie Kondo-popularized method not only increases your available storage space, but it makes it easy to find THAT shirt when you want it.

Storing clothes for the summer

This Martha Stewart piece is adorable if not quite relatable, suggesting a great reason for storing winter clothes during the summer is to make more room for “displaying elegant summer dresses and sun hats.”

We hope you have gorgeous summer wear ready to go, but your needs may be more practical, like clearing space or speeding up your outfit selection in the morning. (It only adds time if you’re pushing aside sweaters and heavy wool.)

Learn more winter laundry tips before the temperature starts inching up. And if you need high-quality laundry machines to wash your clothes before storing them, give Appliance Warehouse a call at 800-693-4343.

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